Focke Wulf Fw 190 A-6

Black 11 bar, "TANJA" flown by Leutnant Günther Heym, Stabsstaffel/JG 51 "Mölders", Orscha/USSR, 23 June 1944

On this day, 23 June 1944 the Stabsstaffel was involved in heavy fighting flying a number Frie Jagd missions in the Orscha area.

The first Abschusse was filed at 09.30 when a Schwarm encountered enemy fighters west of Witebesk, downing two LaGG-3s.

Half an hour later another Schwarm came upon a Il-2 unit with heavy fighter escort, shoting down one Il-2 and three fighters within an hour battle.

Thereafter followed a number of clashes in Rotte and Schwarm strength, and between 11.17 and 14.29 the pilots of the Staffel filed another 14 abshusse claims, including 11 Il-2s. Finally in the late afternoon another three claims was filed, two more Il-2s and a P-39 Aircobra.

In total the number of claims this day amounted to 22 Abschusse, included 14 of the dreaded concrete ground attack bomber, all without any own losses. One of the triumphant pilots this day was Lt. Günther Heym who downed one of the Il-2s for his 15th confirmed victory.

Note the small number 3 behind the name Tanja, denoting that this was Heyms third machine.

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