Focke Wulf Fw 190 A-8

Red 19, W.Nr. 172733, "Edelgard" fown by Unteroffizier Ernst Schröder, 5./JG 300, Löbnitz/Germany, November 1944

Ernst Schröder was a colorful person, outspoken and witty. We also have a common interest, plastic model building, a hobby that Ernst excelled in. Especially making his own machines and the machines of his unit, JG 300. When sending him my draft profiles for his aproval, he definitly shown that had an eye for details at put me strait when needed.

In an interview he told me by others:"A fortress could any "Esel" (ass) shoot down, just positioned close behind him, and then bang on with everything you had, scared?, what, the machineguns on the American bombers were always pointing strait up into the skies, the gunners had left their positions and had rushed further forward into the fuselage when they saw us commence the attack. However to down a Mustang, that was a completely different matter".

Uffz. Ernst Schröder was one of the many Jagdfliegers that entered combat in 1944 and one of the wery few to survive the onslaught to tell his story. He finally emerged as an accomplished fighter pilot and is accredited with a total of seven confirmed victories.

This is one of the five profies made during the week, and it would be one of the 130 profiles to be include in my new Profile Book No 15

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