Focke Wulf Fw 190 A-2

White 12, flown by an unknown pilot in 7./JG 2, Théville/France, 6 June 1942

June 1942 was later to be labeled as the start of the "Focke Wulf summer," the rather one-sided battle fought by the Jagdwaffe and the RAF Fighter Command.

On this day 6 June 1942 the pilots in JG 2 would claim heavily against the RAFs late afternoon Circus towards Cherbourg, The pilots in the Geschwader manage to beat the attack off and claimed a staggering 13 abschüsse within a space of just 12 minutes.

Three of the hi ranking aces within JG 2 scored eight of them. With Hptm. Hans Hahn claiming there Spitfires, thereby reaching his 64th, Oblt. Siegfried Schnell filed another two Spitfires reaching also his 64th, and finally Oblt. Egon Mayer claimed two of the Spitfires to reach 46 abschüssen. However rather typical for JG 2 this number was heavy inflated, or called it over optimistic, as the Brittish just lost a meager two Spitfires, both from No 112 Sqn, with another Hurrybomber from No 173 Sqn that were heavily damaged, but manage to limp back to base.

One of the RAF causalities this day was the Spitfire flown by S/Ldr J C Carver. The JG 2 on the another side filed two damaged Fw 190 machines, both due to engine problems. One of the two machine, Weisse 12 was flown by an unknown pilot in the 7th Staffel made a force landing at Théville base, his Würger sustained 20% damage.

This profile is one of three made this week, White 12 would be included in profile book No 14.

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