Focke Wulf Fw 190 D-9

Brown 18, W.Nr. 500698, flown by Leutnant Gottfried Dietze, 7./JG 26, Uetersen/Germany, 10 April 1945

On this day, II./JG 26 flew the Geschwader's only mission when the Staffelkapitän of 7. Staffel, Lt. Gottfried Dietze, led seven Fw 190 Doras from Petersen on a freie jagd mission over Bremen. Enemy fighters were engaged but no claims or losses were filed.

The rest of the Geschwader was off operations due to fuel shortages. There was confusion as to what the new destination of JG 26 should be. The first Gruppe was ordered to Klein-Kummersfelde, 20 km northeast of Uetersen, but then the order was later cancelled. Regardless, IV./JG 26 transferred some of it fighters to Klein-Kummersfelde. The rest of the Geschwader's personnel and fighters remained scattered amongst airfields at Oldenburg, Uetersen and Dedelsdorf in the northwestern part of Germany.

Four days later Gottfried Dietze would fly his last combat mission when leading the 15 Focke-Wulfs that took-off from Uetersen at 08:30. Vectored towards Dieburg they spotted and bombed a truck column from an altitude of 700 meters. The results were not observed. After he landed, Lt. Gottfried Dietze was sent to a hospital to receive medical treatment for an unknown chronic illness. His war was thus over, after flying his 159th and final combat mission. Leutnant Gottfried Dietze was credited with a total of five confirmed victories, not a particularly high score for a pilot that arrived at the Channel Front and 2./JG 26 in July of 1941.

This machine was later captured by the British at Schleswig after the German capitulation on 5 May 1945. Dietze's Dora-9 was one of the last produced by Mimetall Erfurt in February of 1945, as they were to shortly start production of the Ta 152 H. "Braun 18" wears the camouflage colors and pattern typical for a late production 500000 Werknummer series D-9. Fuselage upper surfaces were painted in the RLM 81/82 combination, with the sides the late war yellowish-brown shade of RLM 76. Wing undersides were a combination of RLM 76 and natural metal, and the upper surfaces a segmented pattern RLM 81 and the RLM 76 variation described above. Note the yellow rudder denoting a unit-leader.

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