Heinkel He 162 M23 prototype

Black VI+IP, W.Nr. 220006, flown by Gerhard Gieuwitz to München-Reim/Germany, 19 March 1945

This is one of 42 He 162 test vehicle produced in Germany from 2 December 1944 to March 1944. Of those 40 were in fact manufactured and was included in the test program.

This particular "Volksjäger", the M23 test aircraft had an improved wing-fuselage transition and a new wing deployment. It was ready for flight on 27 February 1945 and flew for the first time on 19 March with the test pilot Gerhard Gieuwitz at its controls.

And later on this day the machine was making a transfer flight to München-Reim airbase. Here it would be found in a hangar by the invading US troops on 1 May 1945. By this time it was in a rather derelict condition, stripped of parts and obviously damage in a air-raid.

This profile was made during the week, just for fun!

Who knows in what profile book they all would be included in, your guess is as good as mine!

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