Macchi MC. 205 serie III

Yellow 1, W.Nr. 92212, Flown by Oberleutnant Joachim Deicke, 6./JG 77, Lagnasco/Italy, November 1943

During September the II./JG 77 lost 11 Me 109s and with another 34 shipped off to other units, they had just one Bf 109 G-6 still on charge. However the problem was soon resolved as the Italian forces surrender to the Allies. Alerted the prepared Germans moved in and disarmed the Italians and ordered the Regia Aeronautica, the Royal Italian Air Force to hand over their equipment to the Luftwaffe. As the Gruppe could not expect to be equipped with the Bf 109, the order as issued on 10 September that the II./JG 77 to leave Lucera to Isola San Antoino close to Padua. Here the Gruppe should be reequipped with the Macchi MC. 205 and to fly in the Italien fighter. In the course of the last part of September the Gruppe moved from Isola San Antoino to Lonate Pozzo, about 35 km Northwest of Milano to for practice flights. Arriving here they were assigned the first 26 Macchi fighters. At the end of the month the first two Macchi´s were reported as operational. At the same time, the last remaining Messerschmitt was handed over and the first training missions with the new model were flown on 27 September 1943. However it was not until 8 November the Grupppen would fly their first combat mission, and in the following three days they would file their first two abschüss in the MC. 205. The first on 9 October when 15th USAAF bombed the ballbearing factories in Turin, one of the P-38 escorts was downed by Oblt. Hrdlicka for his 37th victory. The second was filed on 11 October, a B-24 that fell before the guns of Uffz. Ullrich for his first abschuss. It is know at by the end of the year another two claims was filed while flying in the Italian fighter. all for an loss of one MC. 205 in air-combat when Uffz. Funke was downed by a P-38 over Turin. The Staffelkapitän of 6./JG 77 Oberleutnant Joachim Deicke flying this machine "Gelb 1" is not known to have claim any of his 18 confirmed victories in this type. Finally he ended the war as the Gruppenkommandeur of I./JG 77 surviving total of 661 combat missions.

Note that this Macchi was delivered new directly from the factory to the JG 77, with all Italian stenciling and camouflage intact and not showing any signs of previously being flown in the Regia Aeronautica.

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