Messerschmitt Me 262 S


Red 6, W.Nr. 130012, flown by Gerd Lindner, Lager Lechfeld, Lechfeld/Germany, 28 April 1944

This Me 262 S, (the zero- or pre-production seriesr ecognizable by he letter S) was the second aircraft to be bult at Lepheim and first to flew this day, on 28 April 1944. After high losses among the protoypes and the priority assigned to testing resulted in that the first production machines also being assigned to flight testing.

The Me 262 was however not ready for operations. The main causes for complaint are the engines, weapons installations and undercarriage. The production quality of the jet fighter also recived frequent critisim.

This"Red 6 was damaged during an emergency landing in an open field at Schwabmühlhausen after a engine fire on 1 June 1944.

This is one of 130 profiles that is to be include in the future Profile Book No 15


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