Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1a

Flown by Leutnant Alfred "Bubi" Schreiber, 9./JG 6, Achmer/Germany, 28 October 1944


Lockheed F-5E-3 Lightning

Flown by 2nd Lt. Eugene S. Williams, 7th PRG, 22nd Photo Squadron, Mount Farm/England, 28 October 1944

This Saturday "Buby" Schreiber manage to shot down his fifth aircraft flying the revolutionary Me 262 jet fighter, therby he became the first jet fighter ace in history.

After he spotted a lone Lightning flying at 10,000 meters height. Schreiber closes in undetected and opned fire at a distance of just 20 meters.

The pilot of the Lightning, 2nd Lt. Eugenen Williams was on a reconnaissance mission photographing the German towns of Minden and Osnabrück, and this is his story:

When I came under attack I pushed both throttle forward and dived in order to escape. Below me I discovered another Me 262 and held my machine in a steep nosedive. The altimeter was frighteningly fast and at 4,000 meters I tried to get my F-5 under control, but unable to pull up, I unbuckled my harnest and opened the cockpit roof. The wind pulled me out of the cockpit. Half unconscious, I tried to pull the ripcord of my parachute. However my arms seemed not to obey me. As much as I struggled, I could not reach the handle.
Again and again I tried to move my arms. With my left hand I first grabbed my head and then my face, then my collar and my jacket until my hand had finally worked it towards the parachute handle, I grabbed and pulled. The parachute opened just before I touch down. So I lay there, half unconscious on my back.
A crowd gathered around me. I could not move my arms. My shoes were gone and part of my trousers were missing. Shreds of my life vest lay on my chest, my pilot helmet and my gloves were also gone. Some men from a Waffen-SS unit arrived and took me to a Hospital. There the doctors discovered that my left arm was broken in four places and my right arm was dislocated. After a few days in the replacement hospital Gütersloh I came to an Air Force prison camp, finally ending up in "Stalag VII A" near Moosburg.

Schreiber had another first on 26 July 1944, claiming the first enemy aircraft shoot down in the Messerschmitt jet, a RAF Mosquito PR XVI. However he only manage to damaged it, the crew of the Mosquito, did in fact, manage to return to an Allied held airfield in Italy and here the aircraft made a crash landing and was written off as a total loss.

A month after shoting down Williams Lightning Schreiber was killed in a crash at Lechfeld flying his Me 262 A-1a WNr. 130 017. The wheels of the Me 262 caught the lip of a slit trench, causing his Me 262 to cartwheel. Alfred "Bubi" (Little boy) Schreiber, who just had turned 21 years old was layed to rests on the military cemetery Obermeitingen-Schwabstadl.

Please note that there is not any photos of the Ligthing flown by Williams this day, this profile is therfore based on other macines from this unit and space of time.

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