Updates on my work on my new Panzer Book No II

Thanks for picking out the best book cover for my next Panzer Profile Book

June 8th, To date I have manage to make all six Jagdtigers for the book. Later today I will start working on my third Panzer III profile (desert camouflaged).

June 14th, After finishing my seventh Panzer III and last one for the book I have made my first Stug III.

June 21st, Today I manage to make my sixth Stug III profile, "Black 232" from the Normandie front. I will make another two of this type before I switch over the the Stug IV.

June 30th, Back after a week without any profile work, got some more stunning Stug III:s to make send to me by my colleague David E. Brown.

July 5th, I had to take a break from Panzer profile making and made some new P-51 D Mustangs instead, Please check out the newly made profile of Robert E. Barnharts Mustang on the Allied Profile page.

July 12, After making another P-51 I have made three right hand side Stug III. I also manage to make my first Stug IV original and profile.

July 19, During last week I have refined my old Jagdpanher G1 original and made a new "early" and G2 version including the right hand side views. I have also made four new Jagdpanther profiles and a new Ta 152 H-0 profile.

26 of July. Last week I have made some Jagdpanzer IV and one more StuG IV profile. I have also made two new Panzer IV tanks. During the next week and following month I plan to make an additional 10 Tiger (I and II) and another 10 Panther tank profiles for the new Panzer book II.

3rd of August. During the week I made six new Tiger I tanks. I also manage to upgrade two Tiger ace panzers, Witmanns Tiger I (No 205) and Knispels Tiger II (No 334) to my latest standards. This week I will continue to work on the Tiger theme.

9th of August. I have now made 14 Tigers for the book, ten Tiger I and four Tiger II. This friday I started out upgrading my Panther originals to my latest standards. In all I have made three new Panther profiles, all very late G versions. I plan to make at least ten more Panthers including profiles of the D, A and G model.

August 16, Today I have made the 13th and last Panther for the book, Tomorrow I will make a final Panzer original a P IV from the Kursk battle. During next week I will start to write the first profile texts.

August 23, During the week I have written one third of the panzer profile texts. I have also made some refinements to some of the profiles that should be included in the book.

August 31, During the week I have written all Panther texts and are now working on the Panzer III and Panzer IV texts. I have also made some late refinements to my panzer profiles.

September 6, Last week I wrote all my Panzer III and Panzer IV texts. Next week I will write the Stug:s and the Jagdtiger texts (the last ones). I also got a confirmation from the printer and on the 10th of October the book will be printed and the sales would commence on the 24th the same month.

September 14, Last week I refined my texts, made one new Panther (one that I simply have to include in the book) but also make a few final refinements to my other Panzer originals.

September 21, I made some additional refinements to the profiles, I also made the final selection process for the 64 panzer profiles included in the book. Finally the manuscript would be ready during this week.

September 27, The layout of the book is by now done. Now its just the proofreading and to make the cover for the book that is left. I hope that you, my wisitors would help me out in this selection process and pick the best cover for my new panzerbook.

September 30, Book cover No 4 is the web visitors favorite so far.

October 4, Thanks all web visitors for helping me out to select the book cover. The book is in its final stages now, just some final proofreading. Later this week, on the 7th the book layout would be shipped to the printer.

October 11, Tomorrow, this Monday the Panzerbook would be printed. I will send a pre-ordering invitation to my old customer during next week.

October 18, I will start to ship this book to paying customers later this week. I will also prestent the book during the next weekend at C4-Open in Malmö, Sweden, The IMPS annual meeting. Perhaps I'll se you there at my book stand?

Here follows some teasers of my Panzer original that will be included in my forthcoming Panzer book No II





Publishing date 24 October 2015.

A book that would present 64 panzer profiles

This book would follow the general layout of my earlier panzer book, Tiger and Panther Tanks.

© Claes Sundin 2015