Profile book No 10 - The work in progress:

I'm currently working on a new Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft book, Profile Book No 10. Up to today I have manage to make around 140 new profiles, fighters that would portray new stunning aircraft flown by pilots such as Mölders, Priller, Graf, Nordmann, Mayer, Barkhorn, Lutzow, Kemp, Maltzahn, von Bonin, Marsielle, Grislawski, Philipp, Huppert, Buhligen, Oesau, Huy, Bear, Gollob, Lasse, Hackl, Ostermann, Thyben, Reschke, Trautloft and many more including some lesser know ace flown machines. My plan is to finish this book during March and print the book in April, Publishing date May 2020.

24 November, during the week I have manage to make 13 new aces flown fighter-profiles for the book. 11 Bf 109s flown by the pilots: Schlick, Fahrenberger, Galland, Stolle, Moelders, Trautloft, Phillip, Stoeber, Doebrich, Hoefemaier and Reschke. I have also made two very early Fw 190s flown by Vogt and Kosse.

1 December, Another 13 aces flown Luftwaffe fighter profiles was made for the book during the week. This include eight Bf 109s and five Fw 190s, fighters flown by the following pilots: Müncheberg, Hahn, Schwientek, Werfft, Linz, Clade, Stotz, Josten, Brönnle, Semelka, another Kosse, Weissenberger and Lignitz.

8 December, I have made 14 new fighter profiles for the book during the week, in all 6 Fw 190s and 8 Bf 109s, fighters that was flown by the followning pilots: Schwartz, Schade, Bartels, Ruppert, Nieliger, Horten, Bertram, Schentke, Düsing, Händel, Heinzeller, Rudorffer, Nowak and Pöhs.

15 December, I have made 10 late war Luftwaffe fighters this week, this include four Bf 109s, Two Dora-9s, one Fw 190 A, Two Me 262s and one Do 335. This would be the last profiles made of the 130 that I will included in my new book.

Below would follow a selection of some of the 130 Luftwaffe Fighters included in the new book :

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