Please note that this book cover is provisional and could be altered at a later date (Profile: Bf 109 G-6 flown by Obstlt. Herbert Ihlefeld)

Profile book No 11 - The work in progress:

I'm currently working on a new Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft book, Profile Book No 11. Up to today I have manage to make around 100 new profiles for this book, fighters that would portray new stunning aircrafts that was flown by well known pilots as well as lesser known. Planned publishing date would be during the spring of 2021.

2 August. I have manage to make an additional three new profiles and refined another six (unpublished) earlier profiles to my latest standard. All will be included in this profile book No 11.

9 August, Ten more profiles this week. Two Me 262s, two Bf 109 K-4s including the machine from 10./JG 53 published here today and finally six Bf 109 G-10s, all made for book No 11.

16 August. during the week I have made an additional 12 profiles for this book, Two Bf 109 G-6/AS, one Bf 109 G-14, three Bf 109 G-14/AS, one Bf 109 G-10 and one Bf 109 K-4, also one Fw 190 A-6, two Fw 190 A-8s including the Stab JG 301 machine published tody...and one Dora-nine. That is to say I have just 10 more profiles to make to fill the 130 profile pages in this book. This would be fixed during the next week, Yeaa!

23 August. This week I have made 14 new profiles for the book, and updated another seven. That is to say that some of the previously made profiles have been replaced by others, some of them exchanged by more interesting subjects, and others partly due to the ability to write more interesting captions to them. One of the newly made "exchange"profiles is Oblt. Ludwig Franziskets Bf 109 E-7 published on this site.

In all this profile book No 11 would include: 89 Bf 109s, 29 Fw 190s, six Me 262s, four Me 163s and one each of a He 162 and the Mc 205, most of them flown by Luftwaffe Experten and alte Hasen.

20 September, I must confess, I´m hit by a profile making frenzy, 11 new profiles made this week. I simply cant stop.... by others making the Bf 109 F-4 flown by Dr. Helmut Frenzl on 28 October 1942, published on my webside today.

27 September, during this week I have made an additional 10 new profies, all flown by known or lesser known aces. Most of them would be included in profile Book No 11 and 12.

4 August, this week I have updated all my early Fw 190s that should be included in profile book No 10, 11 and 12. I also manage to make ten additiona profiles, nine of them Fw 190s rom JG 1, JG 2 and JG 26.

11 October, I have decided there will be no more new books published by me during year 2020,
Due to the corona and the shotdowns the economical situation is to complicated, for my business but also for my customers, another problem to deal with is the postal services around the world, a situation that makes it impossible to deliver my books to all my customer in the world, especilly to South America. Instead I'm working producing new profiles for upcoming books, hoping to end up with three new stunning books during next year, all including Luftwaffe fighters and due to be published when all this is all over. I have also manage to make ten new profiles this week, including the Dora-nine flown by Oblt. Eugen Schreiner posed today. My plan for the next week is to I gear down on the profile making side for a while and try to get going on the caption writingfor book No 10. Finally I´m really sorry for not beeing able to publish any more books this year, however if you, all my dear fans and customers: if you are wating for something god, you will not wait to loong, the suff I have in the pipeline is awesome, be sure of that!

18 October, the weekly production of profiles amounted to nine new profiles and one updated old one, in all I made one Fw 190 A-8, five Fw 190 D, two Bf 109 Emils and two Bf 109 Fs, including the machine flown by Oblt. Egon Mayer. All profiles made would be published in my Profile Book No 12.

To be published during the spring of 2021

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