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This is one of the two "scale pages" included in the book

This is the the actual appearance of the book cover, However the golden color is difficult to demonstrate here.

 In his profile books you will find:

- 136 full color pages with 126 profiles (I have increased the number of profiles in this edition)
- All profiles included is refined and updated to my latest standards
- 26 new profiles, never published before
- 111 additional illustrations
- Historical texts related to each of the profiles included (the longest profile texts I have written)
- An interesting chapter related to the Luftwaffe ACES/Experten and their achievements in air-combat
- Luftwaffe uniforms insignias
- Table of equivalent ranks
- Exceptional paper and print quality
- Glossy hard-bound cover
- And of cause world class profiles
- A very reasonable price

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A pefect Christmas gift!

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