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My latest book is devoted to the fighter aircraft flown by Axis, collaborationist and Co-belligerent pilots in the European, Pacific and African theaters. Here the reader will find 124 aircraft profiles depicting machines from Japan, Italy, Finland, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Slovakia and Yugoslavia. The book follows the general layout of my three previous profile books.

In this profile book you will find among other things:

- 136 full color pages with 126 profiles
- 132 additional illustrations
- Historical texts related to each of the profiles with interesting, instructive, and informative captions.
- A chapter covering the history of the various Axis nations and their roles in WWII.
- Exceptional paper and print quality
- Glossy hard-bound cover
- And - of course - world class profiles
- A very reasonable price

My price for the book is: 40 Euro, 48 USD, 36 GBP, 58 CAD, 60 AUD and 400 SEK

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The printing of Axis Fighters Profile Book No 8

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