Deutsches Museum - Flugwerft Schleißheim

My visit to the Deutsches Museum, Flugwerft Schleißheim outside München, was I must confess something of a disappointment. Although I'm well aware that this museum is not an Luftwaffe museum, I as a historian interested in the WW II really missed out some of the historical important German aircraft from this period. Here I also learned from the personell that was currently working by documented the Messerschmitt Bf 109 Emil (an Bf 109 E-3), that this machine would be repainted in its original colors as an machine from the Spanish civil war. Check out the photo where the museum staff is making a close up inspection of the cockpit area, trying to figure out and detect the original camouflage colors of the machine.

My latest trip to Germany

The past week I have been on a research trip to Germany, among others, I have visited bookstores for book signing,

been at the Deutsches Museum, Flugwerft Schleißheim outside München and to the really great Tank Museum in Munster.


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