My next upcoming Profile book

18th Februaty, Today I made another Messerschmitt for the book. A machine flown by Lt. Laitinen. a machine in which he manage to claimed six VVS aircraft.

4th February, I had problems finding time for any work on this book during last week.

28 january, due to sofware problems I have not beeing able to work on my new book for a week. However everything is fixed by no so next week I will get going.

14th January. The Buffalo is coming along just fine, however the linedrawings had to be refine before I could start to make the first Brewster 239 original.

7th January, By now I have made 21 Ki-61 and Ki-100 profiles, 16 of them would be included in my new profile book. Next Figther type in line for me to make is the Brewster Buffalo. Soon to be publish on this page, Keep you updated!

22th December, All my Ki-61 profiles for the book is by now made, I will take some time off during the Christmas holiday but next week I will get going on the Ki-100.

17th December, Today I made my 10th Ki-61 profile for the book. I will make three more then I will switch to the Ki-100.

11 December, finally my Ki-61 original is finished, at least 10 more profiles will follow of this type.

Today 10th December I have been vorking on a new profile type, the Ki-61. Keep updated as I will present the first original of this type this week.

Up until today, the 3rd of December I have manage to make 54 Axis Fighter profiles for my new book "Axis Fighters". And this Sunday morning I made my seventh IAR 80 from the Royal Romanian Air Force, "Mamy" of Esc.47Vt.

 Bf 109 G-6, a machine flown by Lt. Anti Laitinen 3./HLeLv 24, Lappeeranta/Finland 28 June 1944

 Ki-61-Ko profile, a machine flown by Sgt. Matsumi Nakano from 244th Sentai, Chofu/Japan, February 1945

 Ki-61-Hei profile, a machine from 56th Sentai, Itami/Japan, December 1945

 Ki-100-Ko profile, a machine Flown by Major Akeno Kyodo from 111th Sentai, Akano/Japan, July 1945

 I.A.R.80A, No 134 "Mamy" of Esc.47Vt., Pipera/Bucharest/Romania, Summer of 1942

Up to today I have made 40 Axis fighter profiles for my next profile book, "Axis Fighter Aircraft, Profile Book No 8". In this book the reader would find Fighter aircrafts from Croatia, Slovakia, Yugoslavia, Romania, Japan, Spain, Hungary, Thailand, Iraq and Russia. In this book I will include types such as the Bf 109, Fw 190, IAR 80, Mc 200, Mc 202, Mc 205 Hurricane, LaGG-3, Brewster 239 Buffalo, Ki-44, K1-61, Ki-84 and Ki-100, all newly made and never published before.

A selection of the 124 profile included in my next profile book

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