NEW The printing of the new edition of Panzer book No III NEW

The printing of Panzer book No III

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On 28 April 2020 this book was published

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Work in progress of my next book Panzer III

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In this book you will find

70 full color pages with 64 profiles of Panzer IIIs, Panzer IVs, Sturmgeschütz III, Jagdpanzer IV:s, Jagdpanthers, Jagdtigers, Tigers and Panthers, Many additional illustrations, Detailed and extensive historical texts related to each of the profiles included, The same layout and format as with my previous Panzer books, Exceptional paper and print quality, in a glossy hard-bound cover

Book was printed on 31 March

The second edition of this Book was printed on 15 September

Today on 28 April I started to deliver the book

Work in progress of my next book Panzer III

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