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 "Find your enemy and shoot him down - everything else is unimportant"
 - this classic maxim by the famous WW I ace Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen was almost driven into absurdum by the young and ambitious fighter pilots of the Luftwaffe 1939-1945. Hence, the top layer among the German fighter pilots in the last World War amassed absolutely astonishing aerial victory tallies. Giving top priority to the number of shot down enemy aircraft, spurring them with an increasing system of military awards, and raising the top-scorers to the skies, the whole Third Reich apparatus managed to create what Russian aircraft constructor Alexander Yakovlev once called "horrible flying wolves" out of young and naive - and very talented - flight enthusiasts. Their like will never be seen in history again. I wish to portray some of them and their world on this site. It is not my intention to portray them as "heroes". It is just a matter of presenting a small part of 20th Century history - and a vital part of aviation history.

  Günther Rall

in Memoriam 

 Alfred Grislawski

in Memoriam

Walter Wolfrum 

in Memoriam 

 Günther Rosipal

in Memoriam 

 Important note:

  This web site is entirely dedicated to present an objective, historical view of a certain aspect of aviational history. It is not my intention to enter any political discussion on this subject in this forum. Due to the nature of the subject, I however wish to state that I strictly reject all Nazi ideals. Only when one bears in mind that the efforts of the German fighter pilots in WW II were for the benefit of one of the most evil system mankind has yet seen, is it possible to clearly picture the environment in which the above mentioned young fighter pilots struggled.

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